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Deool is a 2011 Marathi Language Movie directed by Umesh Vinayak KulkarniDeva Tula Shodhu Kutha song from this Nana Patekar starrer Deool is composed by the music director Mangesh DhakeSwanand Kirkire, Sudhir Moghe has provided for this song: Deva Tula Shodhu Kutha, while Shahir Devanand Mali has provided the voice.

Song Details:

  • Movie Name: Deool
  • Song Title: Deva Tula Shodhu Kutha
  • Movie Director: Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni
  • Music Director: Mangesh Dhake
  • Singers: Shahir Devanand Mali
  • Lyricist: Swanand Kirkire, Sudhir Moghe
  • Movie Language: Marathi

Deva Tula Shodhu Kutha Video Song from the Movie Deool

Deva Tula Shodhu Kutha Video Song from the Movie Deool is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 686K views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

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Deva Tula Shodhu Kutha Song Lyrics in Marathi

कुठल्या देशी, कुठल्या वेशी, कुठल्या रूपात
देवा, तुला शोधू कुठं

तेहतीस कोटी रूपे तुझी, तेहतीस कोटी नामे तुझी
परि तू अज्ञात, देवा , तुला शोधू कुठं

कोठे असशी तू आकाशी, कुठल्या गावी कोठे वसशी
कुण्या देवळात , देवा , तुला शोधू कुठं

भले-बुरे जे दिसते भवती, भले-बुरे जे घडते भवती
तिथे तुझा हात, देवा , तुला शोधू कुठं

स्वच्छंदी तू स्वत:चा सखा, येथे रमसी सांग उगा का
या बाजारात, देवा , तुला शोधू कुठं

Deva Tula Shodhu Kutha Song Lyrics in English

Kuthhalya deshi, kuthhalya weshi, kuthhalya rupaat
Dewa, tula shodhu kuthhn

Tehatis koti rupe tujhi, tehatis koti naame tujhi
Pari tu ajnjaat, dewa …
Kothhe asashi tu akaashi, kuthhalya gaawi kothhe wasashi
Kunya dewalaat , dewa …

Bhale-bure je disate bhawati, bhale-bure je ghadate bhawati
Tithe tujha haat, dewa …
Swachchhndi tu swata:acha sakha, yethe ramasi saang uga ka
Ya baajaaraat, dewa …



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