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Mituni Lochane song is from the 2016 Marathi Language Movie Natsamrat made under the direction of Mahesh Manjrekar. As far as the acting crew is concerned, Nana Patekar has played the main lead role in this movie. People behind this popular song include: Music Director Ajit Parab, Lyricist Guru Thakur, and the lead singer(s) Vijayprakash

Song Details:

Movie Name: Natsamrat
Song Title: Mituni Lochane
Movie Director: Mahesh Manjrekar
Music Director: Ajit Parab
Singer(s): Vijayprakash
Lyrics By: Guru Thakur
Language(s): Marathi

Mitani Lochane Video Song from the Movie Natsamrat

Mituni Lochane Video Song from the Movie Natsamrat is well received by the audience. The Video Song has reached more than 482K views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

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Mituni Lochane Song Lyrics in English

Mituni lochane ghe bhirbhirati
Sur nandiche bagh darvalati
Lalchutuk makhmali aata
Algad hi umlel
Bharuni avkashach avgha
Khel nava rangel…

Navin Naandi navi sanhita
Havihavishi navi bhumika
Patra houni virghaltana
Gaatra gaatra bahrel
Bharuni avkashach avgha
Khel nava rangel…

Pravesh sarala ank badalala
Andharatach manch milala
Punha tujhyastav yach tamatun
Nava manch ujlel
Bharuni avkashach avgha
Khel nava rangel…

Mituni Lochane Song Lyrics in Marathi

मिटुनी लोचने घे भिरभिरती
सूर नांदीचे बघ दरवळती
लालचुटुक मखमाली आता
अलगद ही उमलेल
भारुनिया अवकाशच अवघा
खेळ नवा रंगेल…

नवीन नांदी संहिता नवी
हवीहवीशी भूमिका नवी
पात्र होवूनी विरघळताना
गात्र गात्र बहरेल
भारुनिया अवकाशच अवघा
खेळ नवा रंगेल…

प्रवेश सरला अंक बदलला

अंधारातच मंच मिळाला
पुन्हा तुझ्यास्तव याच तमातून
नवा मंच उजळेल
भारुनिया अवकाशच अवघा
खेळ नवा रंगेल…


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